South Western Michigan regional information center gives you information that you look for intellectual property sales. Different kinds of methods and strategies are available to achieve your goal and you can completely count on SWMRIC. The service extended by the firm gets listed in multi-listing option in order to enhance the approach and get as many advantages in the real estate line. Multiple gains and advantages are associated because the time taken for your process will not be long and also to attain the real estate objectives are faster.

Features of SWMRIC

SWMRIC is exclusively designed and established for the professionals for the convenience of real estate agents to get rapport with one another and also to gain the privilege of extending their network in the wider range. Whoever approaches as per the listing might not have any transaction but definitely out of the few approaches real estate agents can see one purchase minimum. When you join the real estate professional network, the exchange gets higher and the Win-Win situation becomes wider.

Buyers’ benefits

As a buyer, you can make use of the MLS benefits
  • Having associated with flexmls swmric can get you better and perfect home without disappointment
  • MLS creates a great platform to build networks with real estate owners

Sellers’ benefits

  • MLS creates potential buyers platform and you can have multiple choices to decide and make a best deal
  • Process gets speed up and fair price can be fixed for the home

Sell your home through MLS and get excited

SWMRIC acts as a one-stop solution for the buyers and sellers who feel complicated in dealing with real estate business. This creates a complete and comfortable transaction process where anyone can be smart in their choices and the results also will be excellent.

How to login to


  • Open the website
  • Click the option in the top right webpage corner MLS login
  • Press the button Rapattoni login
  • It gets redirected to
  • Provide your agent ID
  • Type your created password
  • Press the option submit

Rapattoni login-Forgot password

  • Enter into the website
  • It redirects to the password retrieval page
  • Provide your agent ID
  • Click the button submit
  • Check your email address for a temporary password
  • Follow the screen instructions

Find a Property

Many would like to understand the features of searching properties in their respective location. If you are also in such category you can find below the steps involved in property search
  • Open the website
  • Click the option property search
  • Under the option there are various search parameters are available
  • If you want to know details about property for sales and click the first option homes and condos for sale
  • You get the details related to it to which you have to fill the appropriate requirements
  • Click the option search
  • You can follow the same procedure for next other options given under the category property search

Open House

  • Login to the website
  • You get the page requirements to be filled
  • Fill appropriately and click the option search

Find Agent

To sell or buy a property, fiercely we look forward to having the help of real estate agents in order to get the best deal for our purchase or selling. If you are looking for an agent then you can follow the below steps
  • Go to the website
  • You get the search option
  • Provide your first name
  • Type your last name
  • Enter your office name
  • Click the option search
Do not forget to save your properties because you can make use of the details in the future. to save your search property is it is important that you login with your credentials. check more on swmric

Get Free Website

If you want to sell your properties you can look forward to the option called selling homes with your personal website.
  • Enter into the website
  • Click the option get started
  • The next option is your login procedure
  • You need to log in with your username and password provided by flex MLS
  • Once you log in with your credentials your website gets ready in sooner time

How creating a website is possible?

Step 1
  • Check out for the agent-squared available in the dashboard of MLS
  • Press the option link and bam
  • Mobile-friendly website gets created and can start publishing your details
Step 2
  • After creating a website you get the authentication process to link with social media accounts
  • Automatic postings can be enabled
Step 3
Search engine optimization is an important step to be deployed once you create a website. While building website implementing the best practices are mandatory so that your organic search becomes significant and buyers can also approach quickly
Step 4
Regarding your website, you can send newsletters in email
Step 5
To enable easy accessibility and create attention of the buyers you are supposed to use the local domain name for the website that you have created
Step 6
Finally, you are supposed to measure your outcome quantitatively as well as qualitatively to understand the effectiveness of your website as well as to know how advertisements have marketed your website


Who can avail of the benefits of South Western Michigan regional information center (SWMRIC)?
This is an exclusive option for the realtors as well as to the professionals who are interested to buy and sell property. Nearby the location people would be interested to buy and some would want to sell their own property. To make all this possible under single platform this is enabled and it is really hype for many who are searching for similar option

I tried for password retrieval but I did not receive any email to do the same. What is the reason?
Kindly check whether you have provided the registered email address. If your email address is not found on file then password retrieval becomes difficult.

When I try to login to Rapattoni it says incorrect agent ID or password. Why do I receive this error message?
If you happen to encounter with an error message then you have to check the following details
  • Ensure that you have provided the perfect agent ID and the created password
  • When you enter the password make sure the caps lock is on or off. It is very case-sensitive so do not create any typo error
  • Use the uppercase and lowercase accordingly
  • Still if you find any difficulty you can directly call to the staff of MLS
Why do I get the message “your agent ID is already logged onto the MLS”?
This is due to the multiple reasons given below
  • You must have logged into the multi-listing service before an hour
  • You must have forgotten to log off after completing the process
  • Your agent ID and the respective password must have been used by someone else
What if someone uses my agent ID and password?
If you happen to know that your user id and password are being used by third-party without the granted permission then immediately you are required to change the password.

How to log off from MLS?
Once you complete the work on the website you are supposed to exit the site by clicking of the option log off which is found in the top corner of the page. If you have forgotten to log off and close the window the login option will be still on. Within an hour of time, someone else can try to access your information is also possible. If there is no active access involved for an hour then it gets automatically terminated.

What are the categories found under SWMRIC property search?
People who are very much keen about knowing the property search can get into the website and check out various options available. They are listed below for reference
  • Homes and condos for sale
  • Homes and condos for lease
  • Vacant land
  • Multi-family
  • Find active properties near an address
  • Find sold properties near an address
  • Commercial for sale
  • Commercial for lease
  • And you got the final option is to search by MLS
What are the requirements to be filed under the option called SWMRIC open houses?
People who used the open house search will get the following requirements to be filled properly and only then they would get the appropriate result
  • Style options
  • Bathrooms facility
  • Location of the district details
  • Property type
  • Garage type
  • Water features
How to send any feedback regarding the website or internal details to the SWMRIC?
  • Enter into the website
  • The feedback page directly gets opened
  • You can send email to the following email address
  • Type your email id and name in the option
  • Fill in your comments
  • Press the option send
What is the simple way of searching a property in SWMRIC?
  • Open the website
  • In the webpage you find an option to type your address, zip code or MLA details
  • Type any of the required details asked for
  • Press the option go